In this section you will find some interesting topics around living as a Christian in todays world and the many challenges we are up against in order to lead a sinless life. Jesus said that becoming a Christian wasn't going to be easy and we would all face many uphill struggles along our journey with faith.


Each and everyday is a fresh start and we must focus on that, today can be the day you make a change, make a difference or start a new lease of life. In order for us to live a happy and successful day we must walk hand in hand with Jesus.

If there is something, someone, some place or anything in your life that leads you away from God, or that keeps you out of prayer, away from fellowship with other believers or distracts you from reading the Bible, it would be wise to remove that thing from your life.

Staying focused on God requires abiding in Him. I know our mornings can be rushed, but if we create the discipline to spend the first minutes of our day reading the Word of God and talking to him about the day ahead, we will have greater focus on Him throughout the day.

If we start our day with simple frustrations like making sure we leave the house on time for work or getting frustrated at someone for pulling out in front of you on the way there, then your day will only spiral downwards. Yes these things are annoying but we must trust that everything happens for a reason and the Lord is at work.

'Dear heavenly father, you are my rock and my fortress, you are my shield and my strong tower. Help me to anchor myself to you, teach me to stay focussed on you and you alone. Amen'
"Positive minds produce positive lives"