Parents divorced, Dropped out of school, evangelist

God has been faithful

God has been faithful upon my life. My mum and dad divorced when I was very young and I had to live with an aunty, life felt really tough at the time.

We didn't have much money growing up and I didn't get the opportunity to go a decent school, due to the expensive school fees. The school I went to wasn't very good. My family and familes all around me didn't have enough money for food, cloths or decent shelter and sometimes had to survive on one meal a day.

I found the only way I could get away from everything was to be on the streets in gangs. However this then induced me to drug abuse and malpractices, which is rife across Kenya. Because youths across Kenya are clued to these gangs, no one would concentrate at both School or Church.

One day, a man of God came to me when I was at a really low point and took me to church and from that day on, it changed my life forever and I found my one true savior, Jesus Christ.

My passion for faith just grew and grew, to the point I became an intercessor and teacher of the word of the Lord. I'm now a youth leader, mentor and an evangelist at a ministry called Good News Ministry here in Kenya, I also coordinate youth ministry all over Kenya called Paraclete Worshippers Ministry which is a team that has given their lives to serve Christ and make disciples across towns in Kenya.

We take to the streets to see a change to the many nasty situations that are happening for our youths. We are challenged with the lack of proper mentorship, inadequate facilities to help the team make a difference and we get little provisions of food and clothing. However we are sharing the word of God and targeting spiritual growth as we work. Above everything, God created us, He will protect us and ensure our prosperity.

We have more than 430 towns in Kenya and we are a team of 20 youths. As we move, we understand there are communities who need both spiritual and physical nourishment. Physically we give clothes, food and water. Our future plans are to advocate lives into society through bible colleges, children's homes and orphanage centres. It pains me to see somebody cry or undergo pain in life, so I spread the message of God and help wipe away the tears.

Although my life started off with lots of downs, my life today are just truely incredible and I give my heart and thanks to God.