As a Christian you become deeply aware of the world around you and undertsand many of the issues people are facing. Following in the footsteps of Jesus, we find the need to help others where we can, whether it be financially or using you whatever skill God has given you that might be able to help someone else.

It is Global Truth's passion to help others, so please contact us if you have a project that you think we can help you with.

Project - March 2017


Social media has become a brilliant platform for Christians all over the world to share their passion for God, Jesus and Christian lifestyle. We have been approached by a Kenyan evangelist, Wilson Indah who has dedicated his life to helping the people in poverty all across Kenya and bringing them a better life through Jesus Christ.

Paraclete Worshippers Ministry is a Christian youth organization founded in April 2016. After a series of missions and revivals we held in different towns and saw the kind of lives and conditions people were living, we had to think of a big way to handle all these situations.

We've created a platform for change and bringing a better life through Jesus Christ. Our vision is to transform communities through giving them a chance to live a perfect life in God. Kenya is a country of 42 tribes, 47 counties and more than 340 towns.

Each tribe or community have different occupations, this makes them unequal resources for opportunities in making life better.

Therefore many communities live in very poor conditions, having to go without meals, and picking up diseases due to the lack of water. Families suffer and die due to lack of medicine to cure diseases.

Many have poor living standards, not much clothing or proper shelter. A lot of youths lay in streets from drug abuse due to lack of jobs and no school fees to continue schooling.

There aren't many mentorship centres and correctional centres to plant positive habits in children. Neither is there many Bible school centres to train, equip and transform youths and the communities.

Many children find themselves working underage with ruthless treatment. Wealthy people do nothing to help and the government do not support families.

We have had the privilege to reach out to many people in our short existence and we now see many families living happier lives. However in order for us to make a real impact across Kenya our aim is to visit all 340 towns. Bringing with us food, water and medicine, whilst spreading the good news of our saviour Jesus Christ and giving communities hope of a better life. Plus we offer mentorship programmes to help behaviour change in youths and young adults. - Wilson

Gloabl Truth gives its time and creativity to the Paraclete Worshippers Ministry to assist them with any logos/posters/flyers/websites that they need in order to promote fundraising. There are many ways to get involved with helping an organisation like this and if you think you could help Wilson and his team, I urge you to contact with him.

Read Wilson Indah's testimony

God has been faithful

God has been faithful upon my life. My mum and dad divorced when I was very young and I had to live with an aunty, life felt really tough at the time.

We didn't have much money growing up and I didn't get the opportunity to go a decent school, due to the expensive school fees. The school I went to wasn't very good. My family and familes all around me didn't have enough money for food, cloths or decent shelter and sometimes had to survive on one meal a day.

I found the only way I could get away from everything was to be on the streets in gangs. However this then induced me to drug abuse and malpractices, which is rife across Kenya. Because youths across Kenya are clued to these gangs, no one would concentrate at both School or Church.

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February 8, 2017 by Wilson